Where Trying Not To Think Took Me!

Hi ya! Just to start in better mood than last time so no fear of depressing someone. But anyhow for the reason I’m here. Some of you may know I draw, I’m not that good but it’s what I feel drawn to do(no pun intended) & it helps keep me this side of sane. Usually when I draw there is actually alot a of thought & measuring go into what I’m going to draw( most are geometric) & no matter how many time I measure for some reason I can never get something centered to save my life. Well anyway, the other day I was extremely bored & needed to do something that would keep me from thinking, something I’ve been avoiding since February 11th( if you read my blogs or tweets you know why) & didn’t feel like working on piece I’ve been working on so I picked up my pens & one of my drawing pads & just started doing what is doodling to me & didn’t think anything about what I was doing. At some point I stopped & really looked at what I had drawn & was very surprised to find my self taken back to my Grandma Banda’s den from when I was maybe 5 or so & there was this braided rug on floor, I was really surprised to see that so I kept drawing to see where it would take me. Next thing I knew I was seeing what reminded me of Grandma sitting & tatting! For those of you who don’t know what tatting is it’s basically crocheting with this weird little thing called shuttle & with thread. Alot of doilies & antimacassars made by tatting. She also would crochet lots of afghans. Mom was always making to but her’s were squares were never centered, no matter how many she made  they were always just off center. She also couldn’t cut a straight line if you paid her! This was really important when it came to my sister’s & my bangs! 

But then it dawned on me that somehow or another this was something she had some how or another passed on to me! Except for the bangs thing;)

As I kept drawing & I really looked at what I was drawing, I realized that it was nowhere near a good drawing but I wanted to post anyway, just because of the memories that it brought with it. So I’m post here with this blog. What follows are picture of my late Grandma Banda, one of a piece of tatting that my uncle’s wife had framed for me after Grandma passed, a picture of my sister & me when we were 6 & 5 & you can see what I mean about the whole bangs thing & lastly the drawing that started all this.

After my last blog I’d like to thank you coming back! Thanks for stopping by for this ramble.




About francinesplace

I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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