If any of you have read my profile you’ll know that I am 52 soon to be 53. I was born in 1960 & the changes in technology, not to mention the world over those almost 53 years are incredible. When I was child we had telephones with rotary dials & the phone were always connected to wall by a cord in one place & the handset was connected to phone base by a curly cord that very quickly became a tangle that would usually make your mother nuts. If you wanted to a long distance phone call you had to go through the operator & give her the phone number & she would then put the call through & yes, the operator was always a live person, there were no automated voices telling you anything, real people, what a concept!

When I was about 8 we got push button phone, it had these 2 extra buttons,  # & * , that had absolutely no use & didn’t for years, seemed a rather stupid at the time. Oh! And if you accidentally dialed or pushed a number that didn’t exist you’d get this really weird Waa Waa sound. And phones were still connected to the wall. Cordless phones didn’t make an appearance until late 70s- early 80s, finally no stupid cord to get stretched out & tangled!

And televisions, we had 4 channels, 3 network & 1 public broadcasting. And there were no remotes, if you wanted to adjust volume or change the channel, you had to get up & do it manually, unless of course you had children & then we were the remote control.In the early 70s remote controls finally made it & most people referred to them as clickers & for very good reason, they made really loud click when you used it. Thinking back on it, it must have been very confusing for any dogs that were clicker trained, they probably didn’t know whether they were coming or going or sitting!

In 1967 WTCG, channel 17 was introduced in the south, today it’s known as TBS, Thank you Ted Turner! Yea! Finally, we had 5 channels to choose from but heaven help night owls or insomniacs, all of them went off the air by 1 AM & then came back at 6 AM.

By the early 70s we had 2 independent stations & 1 more public broadcasting station. Hot damn! 8 channels! Then also in early 70s cable tv came & that gave 1 premium movie channel that repeat the same 3 movies 24/7 for a month then next month same thing with 3 different movies. Woo hoo.

During the late 70s & early 80s all sorts of innovations in phone & tvs were being made. Pagers & palm pilots came into being, then cell phones. Have you ever seen the first cell phones? It was like carting around a brick & reception was rather iffy at best.

Then with tv, you had cable channels popping up all over the place & more premium movie channels. Best of all, these stations didn’t go off the air at 1 AM, they went all night long!

Oh! Hell, I haven’t even talked about computers yet! Yes, there were computers when I was a child. They took up whole huge rooms! Home PCs didn’t come about until mid 80s or so. And laptops, well most had to wait until the 90s rolled around.

Now I see children with their own cell phone & tablets! Most that I know that are my age are actually glad we didn’t have cells when we were teens, we always had the excuse of I was near a phone. It gave us more freedom for getting trouble, if we were out we were out. With today’s cell phones parents can pretty much track where their kids are. Good for parents, not so much for kids.

I now have a laptop, a smart phone that can do most anything a computer can do, actually I think it’s a computer that you can use as a phone, and tv has over 500 channels & still have trouble finding something to watch!

As David Bowie once sang Ch-ch-ch-changes! And this is just a small part of the the changes over the past almost 53 years!

I know this has been one heck of a ramble, but thanks for coming along. For those of us baby boomers hope I tickled some memories & for those younger, maybe informed in my own odd rambling way.

Thanks coming for coming for a sit down:)


About francinesplace

I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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2 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. damagedwing says:

    We call the remote control the ‘zapper’ for some reason! I remember when I was young we only had 4 channels but now as you say we have way over 500 and there really is never anything to watch well apart from the news 🙂
    Children today I feel are spoilt far too much with technology. I don’t believe a 10 year old needs a mobile phone or a laptop or even an ipad, it does not learn them the value of anything apart from material things and that is not the right way to go but that is just my view on things.
    I HATE my mobile phone, it is like a lead around my neck 24/7, it is NEVER turned off, it charges over night on the night stand but sadly they are now a part of life and I don’t see that changing anytime in the near future!
    Interesting post though and thank you so much for sharing x

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