The Story of John & Me

Hello, I’m back! Well I am tired of thinking about my health so decided I’d write about something that makes me happy to think about, and how John(my husband) & I met & got together. So here it goes.

It was March of 1993 & a bunch of friends & I were basically your average barflies, if you know the old tv show Cheers you get the idea:) Well alot of friends were roadies who worked for different big music tours & the group of them that worked for Travis Tritt were in town for short break that night & a friend of mine & I headed over to one of the guys apartment where they were getting together. I was sitting in living room talking to friends & I noticed this guy across room leaning on wall just watching what was going on & really just noticed but never talk to him or was introduced so really didn’t give much thought to him. Well a couple of weeks later I was at the bar that we all hung out at & no one else was there yet & I really wasn’t in best of moods because I had made up my mind to break up with the guy I was going out with, was tired of feeling miserable, well anyway I looked up when the door opened & saw the same guy I seen leaning on wall couple of weeks before & he was headed around bar to where I was sitting & as he got near I looked at him & said “Hey! I know you! Sit down!” (I can be a little bossy) he said he had to to restroom & he’d be back. Well at that I just figured I’d been blown off, well he came back! So we sat & talked & drank & drank some more:) Well by this time I had mentioned that yes had a boyfriend but was getting ready to break up with him, John kept going Call him & tell him that! I told him I couldn’t do that over the phone, it’d be rude(I should have done by phone as it turned out), well end of night came, well actually morning since it was 3 AM, and John walked me out to my car & ask if he could call me in 2 weeks when he’d be back in town & Travis would be taking 6 week tour break, I gave him my phone number figuring I never hear from him since I knew he didn’t live here. Then he asked if he could kiss me! Oh butterflies in my stomach like I’d never had before! And then he kissed me! Oh!!! Beautiful butterflies! (I still get them to this day when he kisses me!)

Well two week later he called me! He came to pick me & my son went running out to see who this person was(Elias was just barely 4) & he took to John right off the bat:) Well John & I went out & at about 5 AM brought me home so could be home by time Elias got up. Well we came in the & laid down on sofa, sort of feet to head type of thing & fell asleep. From that point onward for the 6 week break he had we were together 24 hours a day for everyone of those days! Buy the end of those 6 weeks I knew I was in love with him & my soul had started to heal. After he went back on the road he back to me, he never went back to where he lived & we became each others home.

Here’s something I learned  about 6 months later, John coming to the that night we actually met was an accidental meeting. We were a party given by the production manager of the tour & I was talking to one of the guys that worked on tour & who’s apartment it was where I first saw John, he told me that John had asked him later who I was & friend told him my name & that I could be found lots of times at the bar we all went to. Well turns out John went to bar every night for two weeks waiting for me show up! I had no idea about, I had been thinking it happened. Still think it just so cool that he wanted to meet me much!

Well all that was 19 years ago, we will be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary on November 25th. Except when he is traveling we are always together & that is how we prefer it.

So that is the story of John & me, hope you liked the story & weren’t too bored.

Thanks for stopping by for another ramble. I’ll do update on health & everything when I feel like thinking about again.

See ya soon:)


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I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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11 Responses to The Story of John & Me

  1. hellegade says:

    I want something like that:) Beautiful!

    • Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings & thank you so much for comment:) I wanted you to know also that I always look forward to opening my WP email notifications when I see your name, your photos are so lovely & do brighten my day. I must say they also make me a little jealous, wishing I could take photos as lovely as your’s.

  2. KeithBizzell says:

    I love this, it was obviously meant to be. I can just imagine you telling him “I know you, sit down” 😀

  3. Carole says:

    What a wonderful story of how you both got together. You’re both lucky to have found the right person.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my rambles on & for the comment:) A friend once told me for every crooked pot there’s a crooked lid, don’t know which of us is which, but do know how lucky I was to find my perfect fit:)

  4. damagedwing says:

    That is just perfect …. I am sure I will read this time and time again, it is SO beautiful just like the both of you big hugss to you both xx

  5. Dana says:

    Tears in my eyes honey! Love this story! And how awesome is it that he was looking for you the whole time. Sending hugs!!

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