Life’s A Mixed Bag

Hello folks. I’m back & feeling better than last time I was here & figured it was time for an update since all labs & current test results have finally come back. And to make it a little easier on me the oncological neurosurgeon will be referred to as OS & the neuroendochronologist will be NE.

My last appointment with both NE & OS was last week, I was at clinic for 4 hours! Talking! Well, listening really. First with NE, she tells me that all the labs run on blood came back mostly normal, the not normal is something called Polycythemia, which means my bone marrow over produces red blood cells & platelets making my blood thicker than it should be. Will need to get blood drawn every once in a while to keep eye on it.

The other part of not normal & I never knew this, estrogen is stored in fat cells & with the huge weight loss I’ve had all that stored estrogen got released into my body(if I understand this correctly) & has thrown me back into menopause times 10! So that explains part of symptoms I have. She(NE) says that tumor is not the cause of symptoms, just a coincidence.(Uh-huh) So I need to see GYN to see if they can manage the menopausal symptoms, which should be interesting since I can’t be put on hormones.*sigh* And she’ll see me again after next MRI. Wellll, okay then. Oh! And she wants me to see infectious disease expert! Viruses & such. *big eye roll* Think I’ll skip that one thank you very much.

On to seeing the OS. He tells me he thinks(thinks mind you) that what is in by brain is what’s called Ratlke’s Cleft Cyst, not a bad thing as things growing in your brain goes unless it starts growing. But, big but here, he said he’s still suspicious of it, only thing is even doing a biopsy of it runs high risk of permanently damaging pituitary or hypothalamus which would mean taking meds to replace what wouldn’t be being made anymore because of damage. So I have to get MRI done every three months to keep eye on growth, so next one will be in October & while I’m having that done he also wants me to get CT scan of chest, abdomen & pelvis. That will be fuzzy fuzzy day since I have this problem with small spaces, upside. The reason for the CT scans is that(now these are the words that made me cry in relief) they know that there is something wrong with me, they can see that, other than the menopausal symptoms, there are ones that now can’t be explained. Still don’t know why my body has lost so much weight & I have to fight to keep weight on,or my that my hands shake & the vertigo, the bizarre headaches & the absolute fatigue. So I get to look forward to MRIs every three months for I don’t know how long.

I am just so over all this. I just want to go back to having to deal with just spinal disease, kind of thought that was enough to deal with to begin with. So now I have spine to deal with & probably(hopefully) just get used to dealing with extra thing in brain.

Okey dokey, I think that covers the update, thanks for still being here after my last blog that was more of a pity party that a blog I guess. And to those that read that, thanks for reading & for the comments, they meant alot & they helped me.

Okay, folks, once again thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back soon-ish again to ramble on. One last thing before I take my leave, Forrest Gump was wrong, live is not a box of chocolates, it’s a mixed bag & you just don’t know what you’ll pull out next


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I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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2 Responses to Life’s A Mixed Bag

  1. damagedwing says:

    All this and you still always have a smile for me hugssss x

  2. Oh dear! I didn’t know about your health troubles… So sorry to hear about that!
    Hold on there, dear and “always look on the bright side of life” xxx

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