This Is Just Silly

Hello again. Just a quick update on tumor front. Actually not alot going there, that not exactly correct, went to neurologist yesterday & was told that if tumor is not found to be reason for headaches(how can brain tumor not cause headaches?) extremely low blood pressure & pulse rate will have to have MRA(MRI for arteries & veins in brain) or CTA(sort of the same thing) & possibly bring cardio guy into the mix. Yippee. But Doctor said we won’t think about that until who brain tumor thing taken care of. Standing has become an adventure now because of blood pressure & pulse rate. The PA told me if I had to have a brain tumor I had the good kind! Good to know:)

Well last I was here I was waiting on appointment time with the neuroendocronologist & another neurosurgeon & was so tired of waiting; now the appointment is tomorrow & I’m back to starting to stress about it. This is just really silly, I just started to destress about the waiting for appointment & now that time is here & I’m stressing again. If you could see me right now you’d see me shaking my head & rolling my eyes.

One last thing here(well possibly last), the doctors I’m seeing tomorrow? I can’t pronounce either of there names! One has ten letters in it, only 3 of which are consonants, the other one has nine letters & only 2 are vowels! Maybe they should mix all the letters up & play Jumble with them. Sorry, stress is making brain a bit off.

Anyhow, that’s it for this update, I’ll be back soon-ish with another one after see doctors tomorrow.

As always thanks for stopping by.


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I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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