Pictures! And Just Random Thoughts & Such

Okay, let’s see if I really did figure out how to post pictures!

Cool! So far so good. These are the flowers that were outside the 1st hotel I stayed at. I took this picture for my Mom, just loved the duel colored flowers. Have no idea what they are but they are pretty.

These are just 2 of the trays of sweets at the pastry counter in Herrods! Thank god I lost my taste for sweets! Looked so tempting anyway! The cost was a bit much! The cheapest one was 6 pounds which is $9.57 US.

This is the doorman at Herrods, the only employee who you are allowed to photograph. Don’t know why. But this man was very nice, I guess you’d have to be when you have hundreds of people taking your picture every day.

Westminster Bridge, people working to take dumb tourist money. I’m sorry, but paying to have your picture taken with someone in a ugly Queen of England mask(if I was the Queen I’d put a stop to that real quick, those mask are just ugly) or a fake Jack Sparrow(ya know he was never in England) is just a stupid waste of money. Even stupider waste of money was the people who were throwing it away playing the equivalent of 3 Card Monte but with match boxes. I would walk by saying loudly “You are playing a rigged game!”

That’s the London Eye in the background.

Better view of the Eye. It takes an hour to an hour & a half for it to make full circuit! Now I wouldn’t do it! Do Not like heights!

This is one of many war memorials that are all over Westminster. I got very irritated at this one, there were children crawling all over it & their nannies just standing there chatting. I just found it just so disrespectful. It is such a wonderful piece of sculpture.

This is a monument in honor of the pilots who lost their lives in WWII, all I could think when I saw it was “Don’t blink!”

I loved this monument! I know it’s hard to make out but the sculpture is womens military dresses, it’s honoring the women who fought in WWII. Loved that they were remembered!


This is the front of the Supreme Court, the ladies on either side are the equivalent of our Lady Justice. Remarkable sculptures.

This is Westminster Abbey, absolutely beautiful! It was one of those places that I didn’t want to pay almost $20.00US to go in to look around with scads of other people getting in my way!

Now we’re in Trafalgar Square & that’s Nelson’s Column with Admiral Nelson atop of it. At the base there are 4 bronze relief casts that were made from captured French guns. Nelson himself stands 11 feet tall & according to i_am_rachel the way that he situated know matter where you stand & look at him he looks your height.

Now we’re on the train heading for Edinburgh, this was my first look at the Scottish coast. That is the North Sea out there. Sorry best I could do from a moving train.

This is the view from my window at The Old Waverly Hotel. That’s the base of the Scott Monument in the Princes Gardens.

I know it’s a little dark but this is the top of the Scott Monument.

That’s the Edinburgh Castle up on that big hill. Never made it UP there, was way too much up hill walking.

The roof in the foreground is the glass roof of the train station, that’s how close we were to it. The building in the back ground are office buildings.

Office buildings straight ahead, train station on the left(it has it’s own shopping mall), on the right is The Princes Gardens & all thoses cars are taxis waiting on people lugging their own bags.

Edinburgh Castle from another angle

End of Festival fireworks from hotel restaurant. The whole thing was beautiful!

This is the bagpiper who’s playing I woke up to. Loved it!

Normally I won’t let my picture be taken because I hate the way I look, but it’s a piper & it’s Scotland, soooooo. Still think I look terrible though!

This is the Cannongate Church Cemetery in foreground, headstones that date back to the 12th century! Up on the hill is an office building! Doesn’t look like any office building we have here!

This is the view up Cannongate Road, all these wonderfully old(14th, 15th & 16th century) buildings!

This is the side of the Scottish Parliament building that great majority of Scots hate. Way too modern. I took the picture to get the Salsbury Crags in the distant.

Now directly across the road from the parliament building is The Palace of Holyrood. This is one of the doors at the entrance, yes that’s real gold. Love unicorns.

This is the other door. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the doors closed.

Okay, this is the the flower that’s inlaid all up Rose Street where all these pubs are. Only took me getting to the third one & looking at this picture that it dawned on me that it’s a rose & I was on Rose St.! Damn I quick.

This is Dirty Dick’s Pub where I ate on aborted pub crawl. Like I said in last blog, giggley name, sad story.

Back in London. This is this great news stand that dog came to work with owner to just hangout & people watch. Just up from Earl’s Court tube station.

The back garden that my balcony at The Amsterdam Hotel looked down at.

Back home & these are the dogs that wouldn’t let me out of their sight!

Okay, now just a few thoughts. If you go to Great Britain keep in mind the money conversion. Everything seems like it’s priced here, so your brain doesn’t think about the exchange rate. Example, you’re looking at a menu & the meal you want is 8.95, now similar meal on menu here is also 8.95. The difference here is $8.95 is 8 dollars & 95 cents; in Great Britain 8.95 is 13 dollars & 87 cents. ¬†Everything there is like that. Just something to keep in mind.

If you go also remember take at least 2 pair of very comfortable walking shoes. This one is very important. You will be doing lots & lots of walking, especially in Edinburgh, the Scots are some walking folk! Also, London is relatively flat, Edinburgh not so much, it’s very hilly.

Also, it doesn’t matter what time of year you go make sure you have a all weather jacket that you can easily carry with you.

And lastly, I know this sounds sexist but I don’t care, travel with a man & let him do all the lugging of suitcase.

Okay guys, this finishes up my Great Britain travels & I would like to thank you all for stopping in. Now I need to figure out what I should write about in this place next. If any of you have any suggestions let me know. Well, until I figure it out thank you all.


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