Edinburgh Part 2

Okay, we left off us going up to our room. Well, we got to room which was on the 6th floor, which happened to be the top floor, apparently it was once the garrett of the building, it had these 2 round windows that were about 3 feet in diameter & opened outward,very cool looking. Now on my short but long trip from the train station I wasn’t really paying attention to my surrounds so I was so surprised when I looked out the window & saw the view! Princes Street Gardens was across the street & just so beautiful! Directly across from my window was the Scott Monument, built in honor of Sir Walter Scott, it stands 200 feet & 6 inches tall & is the tallest monument built to honor a writier. It is a beautiful piece of architecture. On the corner was a bagpiper in full kilt playing the pipes, I woke up to him every morning I was at The Old Waverly. Then I looked right out the window & up the street up on the hill or overlook was Edinburgh Castle. I have never had such a lovely view out of any window at any time before!

On the desk was a note from hotel telling about the the 4 course meal at the restaurant where you could have dinner & watch the End Of Festival fireworks that were happening that night in front of the castle. Well, you know it sounded like a good idea so made reservations for it. Well I had a couple of hours until reservation time & I thought a trip to the bar with computer to have a pint(or 2) was in order. Calling the bar a bar doesn’t really do it justice, it’s bright & airy, good, comfortable chairs & very personable bartenders. The windows were large & view faced The Princes Gardens & The Scott Monument so that even if you sat on other side of the room you still had a great view. These things really count to someone like me who when not wandering likes to sit in bar watching & writing.

So anyway, got myself a seat & asked the bartender what good Scottish beers they had& he got me an ale called Edinburgh Gold, very nice taste, not to hoppy. Well I settled down with my ale, pain meds & computer. I needed to catch up on my emails, promised my sister I’d email her everyday so she’d know I hadn’t gotten pillaged, plundered, or killed while running around Great Britain without John. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. So I sat & managed to chill out, get pain to ease up & get a couple of emails done. Actually, part of one these blogs was done while sitting at that window. I personally love sitting & watching & listening to people, it’s so interesting. Well before I knew it it was time for my dinner reservation, thankfully bar was next to the restaurant so didn’t have to far to go, couple of pints & pain meds, ya know. Well I got seated & was facing the window that faced Edinburgh Castle where fireworks were going to be done from. I asked I don’t know how many people who built the castle & who had lived there, but NO ONE could answer this! Mention this to my sister, who could not believe it, so she googled & found out that apparently it’s not known who had the castle built(love it!) It’s built atop Castle Rock(Stephen King anyone) & habitation dates back to 9BC but no records of why or who had it built.

Back to dinner. First the waitress brought out a selection of rolls & butter, normally I’m not a big fan of bread, main reason for eating bread is so that you’re not eating butter by itself(wouldn’t do that but I am a fan of good butter), but I took one of the rolls & buttered it & took a bite. Ohhh, the roll was very tasty, but my oh my, the butter was so good! I know, I know, butter supposed to be a no no, but 1st off I only eat on roll with it & secondly I have a hard time not loosing weight right now so butter it is.

As my first course I chose the cream of mushroom soup, it was truly wonderful, smooth & so flavorful! Second course I chose the lamb rump with vegetables. It was so, so tasty & cooked perfectly medium rare.(Just an aside here, was supposed to be a 4 course meal, they were including wine as one of the courses & since I don’t drink wine I passed. The only reason I mention this is earlier I said 4 course meal & someone reading this will get to the end & notice the discrepancy, I would) My third course, dessert, I chose the fruit & cheese plate. I have to say it was just okay, the cheeses didn’t have a lot of flavor to me. So now coffee & fireworks! I truly did have the perfect seat for the fireworks display, the only thing that would have made it better was if I had been sitting in a recliner. it really was beautiful, & being able to see the castle lit up by them was an amazing sight! At one point there was all the low green light coming through smoke & I was waiting for the mark of the Death Eaters to appear! Fireworks went on for at least 45 minutes, they did a great job, was like the 4th of July here.

Well by the time the show was over it was time for me to go outside & have last cigarette of the day & call John & then try & get some sleep, it had been a very long day & next day would be long also with lots of walking planned.

So this is where we’ll end part 2. I am very wordy so there may be few more parts before we get to the end of Edinburgh, stick with me, we’ll get there. Part 3 coming soon.


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I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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