Edinburgh Part 1, Getting There

Okay! Let’s remember Edinburgh! Getting there was nice, we took the train & up graded to first class. First class on a train is the way to go! Sitting on the train & watching the country side go by was just lovely. Beautiful scenery just going by. You’re going to love this bit. I live in North Georgia, in the US, & when driving south I’m used to seeing horses or cows in fields(I’ll roll down windows & moo at cows, silly I know but they have answered back), well as train got out of any London city I saw horses & cows, I’m thinking “Well cool, kind of like countryside at home”, then countryside did subtle change, it’s really hard to describe, it really had to do with the trees. There were less of them & they stood in copses. And there were these really cool tall trees that stood out in theses far off rows, I have this feeling that somehow nature did that way. then you’re going along & you see these fluffy little animals with black faces & legs, & your brain goes “SHEEP! Those are sheep!” Silly, I know but I’ve never seen sheep before & it was just neat! If you think that’s funny you should have seen my reaction when we past the first nuclear power plant! Another thing I’ve never seen before & I just never thought about I guess. Just kind of shocked me. But other than that countryside is so worth seeing!

And then we got to the train station! If you live in the States & you take the train here at the stations there are porters who help you with your luggage & getting it & you to whatever transportation you’ll be using, but apparently this job has not made it to UK. So be prepared to be lugging your luggage around, & I’m here to tell you it’s not fun! Anyway, we weren’t happy about what we read about B&B that Spring had booked(again) so when we got to station went to little office that would find you room for first night & we booked a room at The Old Waverly Hotel. We were told it’s was right around corner of train station so we wouldn’t need a taxi. Well this seemed like good new until I started walking with luggage up the hill out of station! I have severe disc problems in my back & trying to lug all my luggage up this hill just was not going to happen! Went & found a taxi & had to convince driver that yes I knew the hotel was just around corner & that I was very willing to give him money to take us there! Just do it already! Take my money! Fine! I’m nuts, but please I can’t walk with luggage any more! Finally managed to convince him, thank god because I was at point I’d camp out on side walk if necessary. Well got to hotel which really was in sight of the station & then discover stairs & no bellmen! Aaaarrrrgggggg! Was told to ring bell & someone would come & bring luggage in, well I did & they did. But then there were those stairs! It’s not that there were alot of them but I still was dragging myself up them, literally holding bannister & dragging myself up! I was a sight!  Well we got check in & even managed to book another night there in another room & a third night at their sister hotel, so cool stay in Edinburgh taken care of! As we were checking in were told it was the last night of festival & there was going to be fireworks in front of the castle that could be seen from dining room & could have special dinner & watch, yes there was a special cost too but the 4 course meal including wine was worth it. So then we were taken to our room.

Well guys, that’s part 1. I’ll be back tomorrow for part 2, Being in Edinburgh itself. Hope you come back & thank you coming back this time!


About francinesplace

I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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