Now The In Between Time

As promised what happened in between computer incident & leaving London.

Ok, the day after we headed out to the National Gallery to meet up with @Mr_Bizza(from this point it’s Keith) & @i_am_rachel(Rachel),first time meeting so know real idea of what either looked like but when I saw young man wearing what Spring refers to as Sherlock purple shirt I had a feeling that that was him. I was right! What an adorable guy he is! And just so sweet! So, we stood talking & looking for bright red sunglasses that Rachel said she be wearing when my phone rang & it’s Rachel who was stand up in front of gallery as we looked up at gallery. Did that sentence make any sense? Anyway, Rachel is just wonderful! She is just so cute & so smart! After we got some coffee we went wandering, more or less following her, she knew where everything was which is a good thing because none of the three of us did & we needed to be back at theatre at 2:oopm to pick up tickets & meet @zany_zigzag(Ellie) for the play Betwixt(soon, just hold on). Spring wanted to see the Sherlock Holmes Restaurant so we went there to grab a bite & talk some more, food was ok, company wonderful! I loved listening to Rachel talk about her mom,school & teacher she got the better of(you’d have to hear her tell it).When time came she got us to theatre & had to go catch bus back home, wish we could have spent more time with her but I am so glad we got to meet her! Wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

Well when we picked up our tickets & were waiting for Ellie we decided I should probably tweet her to find her since we didn’t know what she looked liked either. As we went to take our seats I told Spring she’d know Ellie when someone sat down beside her since my & Keith’s tickets were farther down than her’s & Ellie’s.

Ok about theatre & play(I know, finally). The theatre(sorry can’t remember name, yeah I know, I’m terrible) is very small, full it seats maybe 50. Keith’s & my seats were on end & one row away from the stage, one step up & maybe three feet from stage! The play itself is absolutely wonderful! So funny! Actors never more than ten feet from at any one time! At several points Steven Webb(also known as Stephen Frys boyfriend)who is a marvelous actor was sitting at our feet! He may have even been leaning on Keith’s leg! Him & Benedict Salter the other male lead had a wonderful chemistry together! Lizzie Roper played three different roles & was just Great! What a voice she has! One of the characters that I just loved was named Joan, played by Will Hawksworth(what a great name), you’d have to see the play to understand( I’m sorry but I’m not going to try to explain play, I never do it justice)but I just love his Joan!

Well onward. At intermission we turned around & saw that Ellie had indeed made & was a good we tweeted, she thought play was later & still managed to get to theatre in under 30 minutes! That’s impressive! After play we went a wandering some more, this time to what I’m calling used book shop row; there were at least 4 of them with in a half a block. Spring & I had tickets to go see Phantom Of The Opera but I really was feeling up to another three hours of sitting so I gave my ticket to Ellie so that she & spring could go. First the four of us went & grabbed a bite then they set off for theatre & Keith & I set out on what shall now be known as walk about! But first Ellie! What a ball of energy she is! If I had that much energy in me heaven only knows what I could achieve! She is something else! If you’ve never read any of her blogs  you should! Start with The Guinea Pigs, it’s not about the animals, check it out, such a wonderful, wonderful piece! I keep telling her she should submit it to a publication like National Geographic or Smithsonian Magazine. She doesn’t think she’s that good, she is! Go read it!

Back to walk about. Keith & I walked & talked & walked & talked & walked & talked! Loved the talking, but as it turns out neither of us knew where we were going so we just kept walking! I honestly think we walked more than seven or eight miles before we waved the white flag & hailed a cab, he need to be at bus station by certain time to make sure he didn’t miss his bus back home, a three hour trip. I’m telling you here & now, that if he were to fit in my luggage I’d take him home with me!

That more or less finishes the day, I went back to hotel & packed & got ready for train trip the next day.  Now that’s the topic of next time. Must go now & thanks for stopping by!


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I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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