What A Few Days It’s Been

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated on what’s been happening here on my UK holiday but it’s been crazy & not all in a good way! Last time I wrote it was after we had gone to see Much Ado & had a great time, that was on Sept. 1st, well on Sept 2nd we went out for the day to go wandering down around Trafalger Square & Parliament, seeing the sights, lots of really cool old architecture & such, ya know? Well after all our wandering around I was in rather a bad mood due to pain & dehydration & wanted to go sit by myself, have a cup of coffee, some water & just chill. Well, Spring was tired of walking so she headed back to hotel while I went in search of what I wanted. Hit the jackpot! For Egyptian cafe where I could sit outside, have my drinks & smoke! Big thing to me, sorry, but hey that’s neither here or there. Well after a while I headed back to hotel in much better frame of mind, looking forward to pain meds, nap, shower & seeing another play later that night. Was not to be. I walk in room & Spring tells me my laptop’s been stolen from room! Head exploded! Went to front desk & tell them this & manager is like are you sure you didn’t put it somewhere else?! Come on! It was sitting on the damn desk when we left the room & as small as room was you couldn’t miss it anyway IF it were sitting somewhere else! He wanted to know if I wanted him to call the police,Hell, yeah! Then kept going on about how just because maid’s phone seemed to be out of service he could say she had done it because she’d worked there for 2 years. Well I could damn well accuse her! Room key records show Other than Spring & I leaving & returning the only other time door was opened was by housekeeping! Then everytime he opened his mouth it sounded like he was accusing me! I told him I needed to replace laptop & that company should pick up cost of it! Was told that he could up grade our room but he couldn’t do anything about replacement. I told him unless he rethought this & spoke to someone higher in food chain I would go on twitter  & write about in my blog naming hotel & location! He didn’t want that & kept going let us look at CCTV footage & let police investigate. I told him he had 24 hours & I wouldn’t do anything til then. Well, next morning police showed up, cute little thing who looked all of 12 years old but was very competent. He even said it had to have been someone on staff. Ended with him saying that he would investigate & email me copy of report.Well later that night(I’ll get back to good stuff that happened in between in a bit) I come in to room & find letter informing me that general manager said I would not be compensated! Well, I kept up my end of bargin now more than 24 hours have past & he has seriously pissed me off so here it is! The Best Western Shaftesbury Paddington Court Hotel & Suites In London 27 Devonshire Terrace London W2 3DP, Uk. So if you know any one going to London tell them stay away from this hotel!

Ok, going to go to bed now but will be back tomorrow to tell you about the really good stuff in between & after. Small preview, saw another play(GREAT), met 3 of my twitter friends(so cool!!!) & now Edinburgh! Later guys!


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I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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3 Responses to What A Few Days It’s Been

  1. wid0w says:

    if i were you id leave snide note on their site too

  2. Oh damn! Sorry to hear about your laptop 😦 I just hope you are not too upset because of it. … Well I would be “too upset”… I just mean that I hope it didn’t ruin your journey.

    I like the way you write 🙂

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