Sittin’ In Boston, Just Waitin’

3:30am is when this day began for me. They suggest you get to airport 3 hours be flight if an international flight, only good thing about airport at 5:30am is that security lines are short & quick. But this whole taking of shoes is stupid. Why should I have to get my feet dirty? Next time you go through airport security watch flight attendants & pilots go through(also, they get to break in line) they aren’t required to take off shoes. If I have to put my bare feet on the dirty floor they should have to also. Come on, is it just me?

Anyway, on flight from Atlanta to Boston it wasn’t to bad, managed to basically zone out on Valium & music sleeping on Spring’s shoulder; she has an amazingly comfortable shoulder. Now if I can manage the same thing on flight to London.

Just an aside here, I hate Starbuck’s! I don’t think they could brew a decent cup of coffee if they tried. Don’t quite understand that, that is supposed to be their thing isn’t it? Aside over with before I go on a full fledged rant on subject.

Back to original subject, that would be waiting at Boston’s Logan airport waiting for flight. we’re down to  2 hours til boarding starts, sometimes time just draaaaaagggggssssss by.

Listening to Cabin Pressure( for those who don’t know this is a BBC radio show starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Think British Wings, sort of.) Yes, it is funny, but do you really need to be hearing some of this before boarding a plane? Well, only if Cumberbatch is going to come sit with me, then maybe.

Have just noticed I seem to be rambling a bit. Too little sleep, Valium earlier, boredom & nasty coffee.And now to top it all off my sister just called & it seems my Bassett Hound Chloe is not taking this well. She seems to have figured out that I’m not coming back any time soon. Poor baby, she’s looking & sniffing out for me. Wish she hadn’t told me this, just makes me feel so guilty. Well nothing I can do about it from here & letting her hear my voice would just confuse her. Well, hell’s bells & 1000 damnations!

I think this’ll do it for now. I’ll try to check in later.


About francinesplace

I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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