3 Weeks & Counting

Well it’s 3 weeks until I go to London and the only thing being talked about right now is the rioting. For years London was one of those places I said I wouldn’t go to because I found it a little dangerous; one of those places you’d hear about bombs going off and if you see unattended package back away and inform a cop. Now I’ve finally got past that and decided to go before back makes it to hard to travel and walk places and what happens, riots start! Well all you little idiots out there destroying what is not yours and smashing shops that people have put their whole life into need to stop now. I swear I’m going to come over there and start knocking heads together and see if that doesn’t knock some sense into them!

Okay, sorry about that just needed to get that out. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

3 weeks from tomorrow I’m getting on a plane for London! Technically it’s a plane to Boston then 7 hours later another plane to London. Trying to figure out how to neatly get as much as possible into huge purse and computer bag. The key word in that sentence is neatly, you can’t just shove things in! Besides you have more room when you do it neatly. Alright, I admit it I’m a little OCD about neatness and everything being lined up and just so. My husband, John, says I have CDO, that’s OCD in alphabetical order. I can’t say he’s wrong. I actually drive myself a little nutty sometimes with it.

Today we(Spring) booked tickets to another play, that’s 4 that we’ll be seeing! There’s Much Ado About Nothing, Betwixt, Phantom Of The Opera, and Naked Boyz. that’s a lot of theatre! We should have booked rooms , hell forget rooms, should just get a tent and camp out on the sidewalk in the middle of the theatre district! Save travel time and money!  I am looking forward to seeing all of them, especially Much Ado, It’s night before closing night and the play stars David Tennant(9th Doctor Who) and Catherine Tate(his last companion, Donna Noble). It’s a rather updated telling of the play. If I understand correctly it’s the original language but updated(from pictures I’ve seen 1930s-40s) time period.

Betwixt is a new musical starring Steven Webb and the tweets I’ve seen from people who have seen it say it’s really very good. Fingers crossed!

Next is Phantom of the Opera. I’ve wanted to see it since it first opened. I’m sure this production will be good but oh, I would have loved to have seen with Michael Crawford as the Phantom! I just so love his voice!

Lastly, there’s Naked Boyz. I have no idea what it’s about but there are naked young men involved and I can get behind that! Hey, what can I say? I like naked young men.

I’m hoping that somewhere in there I’ll get to see some of the city and it’s environs. Would love to try and get one of the British Palace Guards(you know the dudes in the big bear skin hats) to smile but have been informed that that would be rude and make me an ugly American, and I don’t want to be considered that! I’m a very polite person but I don’t know if what’s polite here is necessarily considered polite there and I have no wish to offend anyone. Well let’s hope that politeness  is politeness no matter where you go. That sounds really stupid.

That is probably enough for now and I should be closing for now. I still can’t believe anybody has read these writings of mine but I do thank you for dropping in and reading a spell. Did I forget to mention that I am from what we call the Deep South? And that Southernisms do pop out every once in a while? Well that’s it for now. See ya soon!


About francinesplace

I like to read, draw & write. I tend to write the way I talk. I wander a bit & usually get to my point. Some times get lost & never know where I'll wind up! Come along for the ride.
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