I Don’t…

I don’t cry.
(Shut up! I’ll give you something to cry about.)
I have COPD, I have since before they named it that, I suppress coughing to clear my lungs.
(Stop that coughing, it it sounds terrible.)
I don’t talk about my real feelings.
I hate being touched.
(The old man likes her, send her over there & let him watch her. “But I don’t like him! He…” Shut up & just go.)
I have terrible relationship with food.
(Don’t eat that, you’re a fat pig already.)
I will put myself in dangerous situations.
(Don’t hit her, she’s little! Hit me!)
All the cracks are widening.
So much I just don’t care about.
Suicide not an option,
at least the fast way.
(I still smoke, I only have 70% lung function.)
I have things that are wrong & ignore.
Sometimes I’m surprised I’ve awoken to a new day.
(Was once told I’m committing prolonged suicide)
I just can’t find the energy to care much about myself.
(So much easier to care about others.)
I’m just tired & I really don’t care.
(I’m so sorry.)

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Where Trying Not To Think Took Me!

Hi ya! Just to start in better mood than last time so no fear of depressing someone. But anyhow for the reason I’m here. Some of you may know I draw, I’m not that good but it’s what I feel drawn to do(no pun intended) & it helps keep me this side of sane. Usually when I draw there is actually alot a of thought & measuring go into what I’m going to draw( most are geometric) & no matter how many time I measure for some reason I can never get something centered to save my life. Well anyway, the other day I was extremely bored & needed to do something that would keep me from thinking, something I’ve been avoiding since February 11th( if you read my blogs or tweets you know why) & didn’t feel like working on piece I’ve been working on so I picked up my pens & one of my drawing pads & just started doing what is doodling to me & didn’t think anything about what I was doing. At some point I stopped & really looked at what I had drawn & was very surprised to find my self taken back to my Grandma Banda’s den from when I was maybe 5 or so & there was this braided rug on floor, I was really surprised to see that so I kept drawing to see where it would take me. Next thing I knew I was seeing what reminded me of Grandma sitting & tatting! For those of you who don’t know what tatting is it’s basically crocheting with this weird little thing called shuttle & with thread. Alot of doilies & antimacassars made by tatting. She also would crochet lots of afghans. Mom was always making to but her’s were squares were never centered, no matter how many she made  they were always just off center. She also couldn’t cut a straight line if you paid her! This was really important when it came to my sister’s & my bangs! 

But then it dawned on me that somehow or another this was something she had some how or another passed on to me! Except for the bangs thing;)

As I kept drawing & I really looked at what I was drawing, I realized that it was nowhere near a good drawing but I wanted to post anyway, just because of the memories that it brought with it. So I’m post here with this blog. What follows are picture of my late Grandma Banda, one of a piece of tatting that my uncle’s wife had framed for me after Grandma passed, a picture of my sister & me when we were 6 & 5 & you can see what I mean about the whole bangs thing & lastly the drawing that started all this.

After my last blog I’d like to thank you coming back! Thanks for stopping by for this ramble.



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I’m Sorry

I am so tired of feeling this way. I want to cry, scream & break things. I know if I start I won’t stop. I angry, I’m sad beyond belief & I have no one I can talk to. I realized the other day this is what the rest of my life will be like & it dawned on me that maybe death would be preferable to feeling like this. That’s the one thought that keeps coming back to me. I don’t want to have these feeling anymore. I’m tired of pushing down feelings, I’ve been doing that for over five decades & I just can’t take anymore. 

I’m tired of being ill. I’m tired of physically hurting. I’m tired of mentally hurting. I’m tired of pretending. I have no more fight left in me. I’m just tired. 

Why don’t you really listen to me?

I’m sorry.

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If Could Have Just Napped

I was lying down trying to take a nap because of headache I have, while I was lying there the thought of trying to describe the weirdness of the way fingers are feeling(different than usual weirdness) & that led to the thought of how odd the description of the different pains & feeling I have are. A good deal of the pain I have is nerve pain caused by several different physical problems & only someone who has one of the many different nerve pains can understand these odd descriptions, like leg being numb, dead but hurting, or lower back & hip having shooting cold hot pain. See? That just sounds weird. Or the electricity that will shoot down limb. Or coming up with closest way of trying to get dr or anyone to understand the strange feeling on scalp & only being able to come up with it feels like someone running pastry docker over my head. The problem there is dr didn’t know what pastry docker is. 

Those of you who understand the weird pains & feelings that nerve pain can cause might understand that when asked I just say I hurt because the looks you can get when you try to describe to someone, friends or family members, what your feeling can hurt, I know it sounds crazy but… I don’t know, that’s just the way it is.

I’m just a tiny bit buzzed from pain meds & felt need to say this. I know it’s rambley but that me but I am sorry if it makes no sense so I thank you for stopping by & reading.

Ya know, if I could have just taken a nap I wouldn’t have written this. Good thing or bad? I don’t know.

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This Is Not A Happy Post

My mom passed away very suddenly & totally unexpectedly last Tuesday morning, also rather traumatically for those of us at home when it happen, And the day after we had ice & snow storm hit so that put us all in state of limbo until it was over before we could even star to make arrangements for her. Well now she has been cremated & the memorial service is over & I’m finding the shock & the numbness is starting to wear off. I keep having these thoughts that just seem so silly in the seriousness of it all, like the book she hadn’t finished reading & the books she had to read sitting near her chair. Then she never got to see The Westminster Dog Show which is something she always looked forward to. Or the ice skating on the Olympics which she just loved watching. What about her tv shows she was so looking forward to coming back, now she’ll never know what happened on Scandal which was one of her favorites or 24 coming back. She had her calender set to remind her when they were coming back. The shows that we watched in common & would talk about after we had watched. These all seem like such silly things but so much of what she liked.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m supposed to do without her here. She was my mom.

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It’s Almost Time!

Hello there again! Well folks it’s almost that time! In exactly one week my feet will be on UK soil! I have been waiting so long for this! Now the closer it gets the excited I get but another part of me is getting very anxious, I keep thinking that all my friends that I will be meeting won’t like the me in person. Hopefully that’s all in my mind.

But anyway, I will be doing my blog again & will be keeping you updated on all I’ll be doing, and that will be alot! My most lovely friends have lots planned to do & see while I’m there & this time will be traveling with my husband. This trip is celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary & is honeymoon we never got to have. We will be starting in Scotland then to Lancaster then Cardiff & finally London. We’ll be in UK for 2 weeks so there will lots for me to write about. I will also be posting some pictures here but have a new site called Glossi that I will be working on to get pictures there for those who are interested. I will be posting link to it when it’s ready.

Well I just wanted to give an update. I’ll be back in about week & telling ya’ll what I’ve been up to:)


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That Time Again

Well hello folks! I know it’s been awhile since I written anything but got quite tired of just moaning & complaining about my health & such it was even bringing me down. But now have something to say that’s good! Ladies & gentlemen it’s that time again! I will be going to Great Britain at the end of November thru beginning of December! Happy Dance going on here! So ya know what that means, another travel blog. I hope this will make some of you happy. This time I will be traveling with my husband, so I will be sharing his comments too. This will be our 18th wedding anniversary & Christmas presents to each other.

Tickets already booked, so every so often before we leave I’ll be checking in to let you know how all planning is going. I am so looking forward to meeting face to face some of my friends I have met thru Twitter & seeing ones I met the last time I was there 2 years ago. 

Right now I’m working on itinerary & figuring out trains. I now have something good to look forward to! Any of you who would like to meet me, I would love to be able to meet you, just let me know & I will see if it can possibly be done.

Thanks for listening! I am so happy!!!!

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Laughing at God …


Should be read & paid attention to! It says a lot!

Originally posted on Light and Shade:

The Buddha said “Who angers you, controls you” and I didn’t want to write this piece in anger, but as a reflection of what I truly believe, which is that our thoughts carry energy.

So, where does anger come into this?

Well, a popular comedy writer and comedian posted a message to his followers on twitter recently saying that to tell someone you’ll pray for them is a ‘cop out’

Now, I don’t follow him because I don’t like being preached to and he’s someone who regularly preaches Atheism.

However, as anyone who spends time on twitter will know, the phenomenon of the RT – retweet – is pretty powerful.

I have no interest in entering into a debate or argument on the subject of whether prayer works or not, but wanted to share an experience with you.

I ought to perhaps point out at this juncture that I’m not…

View original 539 more words

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Don’t Tell Me …

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If any of you have read my profile you’ll know that I am 52 soon to be 53. I was born in 1960 & the changes in technology, not to mention the world over those almost 53 years are incredible. When I was child we had telephones with rotary dials & the phone were always connected to wall by a cord in one place & the handset was connected to phone base by a curly cord that very quickly became a tangle that would usually make your mother nuts. If you wanted to a long distance phone call you had to go through the operator & give her the phone number & she would then put the call through & yes, the operator was always a live person, there were no automated voices telling you anything, real people, what a concept!

When I was about 8 we got push button phone, it had these 2 extra buttons,  # & * , that had absolutely no use & didn’t for years, seemed a rather stupid at the time. Oh! And if you accidentally dialed or pushed a number that didn’t exist you’d get this really weird Waa Waa sound. And phones were still connected to the wall. Cordless phones didn’t make an appearance until late 70s- early 80s, finally no stupid cord to get stretched out & tangled!

And televisions, we had 4 channels, 3 network & 1 public broadcasting. And there were no remotes, if you wanted to adjust volume or change the channel, you had to get up & do it manually, unless of course you had children & then we were the remote control.In the early 70s remote controls finally made it & most people referred to them as clickers & for very good reason, they made really loud click when you used it. Thinking back on it, it must have been very confusing for any dogs that were clicker trained, they probably didn’t know whether they were coming or going or sitting!

In 1967 WTCG, channel 17 was introduced in the south, today it’s known as TBS, Thank you Ted Turner! Yea! Finally, we had 5 channels to choose from but heaven help night owls or insomniacs, all of them went off the air by 1 AM & then came back at 6 AM.

By the early 70s we had 2 independent stations & 1 more public broadcasting station. Hot damn! 8 channels! Then also in early 70s cable tv came & that gave 1 premium movie channel that repeat the same 3 movies 24/7 for a month then next month same thing with 3 different movies. Woo hoo.

During the late 70s & early 80s all sorts of innovations in phone & tvs were being made. Pagers & palm pilots came into being, then cell phones. Have you ever seen the first cell phones? It was like carting around a brick & reception was rather iffy at best.

Then with tv, you had cable channels popping up all over the place & more premium movie channels. Best of all, these stations didn’t go off the air at 1 AM, they went all night long!

Oh! Hell, I haven’t even talked about computers yet! Yes, there were computers when I was a child. They took up whole huge rooms! Home PCs didn’t come about until mid 80s or so. And laptops, well most had to wait until the 90s rolled around.

Now I see children with their own cell phone & tablets! Most that I know that are my age are actually glad we didn’t have cells when we were teens, we always had the excuse of I was near a phone. It gave us more freedom for getting trouble, if we were out we were out. With today’s cell phones parents can pretty much track where their kids are. Good for parents, not so much for kids.

I now have a laptop, a smart phone that can do most anything a computer can do, actually I think it’s a computer that you can use as a phone, and tv has over 500 channels & still have trouble finding something to watch!

As David Bowie once sang Ch-ch-ch-changes! And this is just a small part of the the changes over the past almost 53 years!

I know this has been one heck of a ramble, but thanks for coming along. For those of us baby boomers hope I tickled some memories & for those younger, maybe informed in my own odd rambling way.

Thanks coming for coming for a sit down:)

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